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GOD can take you from great mess to greatness!… I am living proof, that is exactly what GOD has done for me.

MY GREAT MESS: In my early teens my family was living in Houston, the day after Thanksgiving we were homeless. We bounced around from hotels and motels, soon money ran out and we were living in our car. After what seemed like an eternity we were blessed to find refuge in a family shelter in downtown Houston. Not having a home of our own broke us down emotionally, mentally, financially, spiritually and physically. It was hell on earth. Each blow left a wound, it felt like GOD turned His back on us. I would rage against GOD.

GOD’s GREATNESS: He took my wounds and turned them into scars. Each one a reminder of HIS promise, a promise to never leave me or forsake me. By His Grace we started to see change in our lives gradually. In this time, I discovered my GOD GIVEN GIFT, ministering thru rap music. A gift that lets people know that no matter what they might be going thru, GOD can take YOU from great mess to greatness!

God opened the doors for Blessed to minister to incarcerated teens 10 years ago. Blessed has been able to minister to incarcerated teens in facilities all over South Texas. In the process, Blessed got “Miracle Whip”, a ministry U-Haul truck, that will be converted soon to a stage on wheels. Allowing us to share The Word of Jesus Christ, wherever we go! Giving A Word of hope, to the lost and the hurting thru rap music – “Hip Hope God’s Message With A Beat!”


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